Saturday, October 23, 2004


Hi! I'm Yorkali, and welcome to Today's Spiritual Food.
This actually started as a daily email my great friend Dave Ennis sent out to some of his friends. Well, I got to thinkin'...this would make a great web log (for those new to web logs, they are basically websites that are created and updated like an online journal) . So decided to take these wonderful nuggets of inspiration and share them with the world. There's one lil' catch, Dave has no idea I'm doing this :)...yet.
The great thing about the devotionals in this format is that not only will more people be blessed by it but they will be able to post comments at the end of a post that may have touched them and maybe share a personal experience that the devotional may have related to. I look forward to seeing how this little corner of the net may bless and inspire you and others day by day.

Thanks Dave, I hope you like it :)



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